Frederik Van Lierde

Founder of Gift Voucher Kiosk

Restaurants & Gift Vouchers – a great opportunity

Wondering how Gift Vouchers could be of use to your restaurant? Did you know that restaurant gift cards are the third most popular type of online gift cards among consumers … Continue reading

January 21, 2015 · 1 Comment


3 years ago, I bought a local business, a Spa in Geneva (Switzerland). My life changed completely as before I was a consultant offering my services to banks, international companies, … Continue reading

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The most common mistake to avoid related to Gift Cards

Orginal post on Gift Voucher Kiosk We talked to thousands of merchants all over the world as we are promoting our gift card (free) solution. Of course, we are analyzing … Continue reading

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6 most asked questions + answers (related to Gift cards and Gift Voucher Kiosk platform)

As we often saw the same questions coming back related to our Gift Voucher Kiosk platform, we decided to create a small recap. (For all of you who signed up … Continue reading

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Every Business Should Be Offering Gift Cards

Have you noticed that almost every big chain offers online Gift Cards? Have you noticed that the smaller independents, be they retail stores, restaurants, or even hair salons, far too … Continue reading

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Why Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying

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Why Betjeman & Barton in Switzerland decided to move to Gift Voucher Kiosk

As Co-founder, I am happy to announce that Betjeman & Barton in Switzerland moved their Gift Cards 100% to our platform Gift Voucher Kiosk. Betjeman & Barton have been tea … Continue reading

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Small but effective tip for your emails

I get every day a lot of emails. Like most of us. In my case, most of the emails I receive on my phone as I am working between 2 … Continue reading

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WhatsApp for Business – A Case Study

I came across several articles on WhatsApp and business, to stimulate the internal communication, to reduce costs etc. This story is a (personal) success story how to use WhatsApp in … Continue reading

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Why did 734 companies and maybe your competitor signed up …. and what does it mean for you

Yes, 734 companies signed up worldwide within the last 4 months and the reason is simple. They get extra paying clients = more turn over. we have 1 product = … Continue reading

July 26, 2014 · Leave a comment

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