About Me

Frederik Van Lierde - Business - Moscow

My name is Frederik Van Lierde, (sorry, not the famous Iron Man), I am an entrepreneur and businessman with interests in Investments, Health, E-Commerce, Online Gift Voucher platforms and Property.

Born in 1974, I started my first “business” at 9 years old, since then my journey started and yes I had wins and losses, which all gave me even more inspiration and knowledge to grown my next venture even bigger.
I worked with companies and individuals like Elecrabel/Suez, JTi, IMANI (Belgium Government), EOS/ALPIQ, Governement de Lausanne, WEF, WHO, ….

I strongly believe success has nothing to do with luck and has everything to do with hard work, commitment and routines. Therefore I make time to mentor promising startups to use their limited time & money in the best possible way and guide them to success by sharing with them my experiences and thoughts. If you want a fair analyse, contact me.

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